Grocery shopping

Service for your kitchen

Starting from 1st Dec 2016, we will shop for you with based price from the supermarkets and service charges. Services/Ship fees are as below:

- Fee 1USD (23.000đ) per 1 time of purchase with less than 5kg and fewer than 10 items
- Fee 2USD (46.000 đ) per 1 time of purchase up from 5kg or up from 10 items

Thank you sincerely for your cooperation!


For King Pearl's residents only

No. Type Price USD/item
(not include VAT)
Price VND/item
(not include VAT)
1 Pants, Jeans, etc. 0.5 11.500
2 Shirts, T-shirts, Skirt 0.5 11.500
3 Shorts, Tank top 0.3 6.900
4 Tie, Socks, Towel, Underwears 0.2 4.600
5 Long dress 1 23.000
6 Suits (2 items) 1.5 34.500

Welcome Our Dear Customer to King Pearl Serviced Apartment !

Thank you for choosing our Serviced Apartment.

If you have any query or request, please inform us via these mobile number: +84 36 876 0606 and +84 913 805 772, or email address:

During your stay, if you have your tea, coffee, cooking sauce or any liquid dripped or dropped on the floor, please wipe it immediately afterwards. King Pearl Serviced Apartment uses handmade encaustic cement tile – a new and environment-friendly tile that can easily be stained.

You should turn on water heater 5’-10’ and turn off before using for safety and saving electricity fee.

Thanks for your cooperatrion !