Apartment rules & regulations

1. This agreement is an addendum and part of the rental agreement between Manager and Tenant.

2. New rules and regulations or amendments to these rules may be adopted by Manager upon giving ten (10) days of notice in writing. These rules and any changes or amendments have a legitimate purpose and are not intended to be arbitrary or work as a substantial modification of Tenant rights. They will not be unequally enforced. Tenant is responsible for the conduct of guests and the adherence to these rules and regulations of the Residence.

3. When the Tenant has any personal information changes (new phone number, new ID or passport number, new visa), they must communicate this information to the Manager.

Noise and conduct

1. Tenants shall not make or allow any disturbing noises in the unit by Tenant, family or guests, nor do, nor permit anything by such persons, which will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other people.

2. All musical instruments, TV sets, stereos, radios, etc., are to be played at a volume which will not disturb other people.

3. The activities and conduct of Tenant, Tenant’s guests and minor children of Tenant or guests, outside of the unit on the common grounds, parking areas, or any recreation facilities must be reasonable at all times and not annoy or disturb other people.

Cleanliness and Trash

1. The unit must be kept clean, sanitary and free from objectionable odors.

2. Tenant shall assist management in keeping the outside common areas clean.

3. No littering of paper, cigarette butts or trash.

4. No trash or other materials may be accumulated which will cause a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety ordinance or regulation.

5. Garbage is to be placed inside the containers provided. Garbage should not be allowed to accumulate and should be placed in the outside containers on a daily basis.

6. Furniture must be kept inside the unit. All personal belongings must be kept inside the unit, or in storage areas approved in writing of the Manager. Any items outside the unit (unless approved in writing) are subject to removal by Manager. Tenants may be charged for the cost of removal.

7. Articles are not to be left in the hallways or other common areas.

8. Clothing, curtains, rugs shall not be hung outside of any window ledge or balcony.

9. Trash and toilet paper are not allowed to put into toilet causing clogging. If the unit’s toilet is clogging caused by any trash, paper which affects the building and other unit, the Tenant is subject to pay full cost of repair.

Safety & Security

1. No smoking is allowed in shared areas of property.

2. All doors must be locked during the absence of Tenant.

3. All appliances, except refrigerators, must be turned off before leaving the unit.

4. When leaving for more than 5 days, Tenant shall notify the Manager how long Tenant will be away.

5. If someone is to enter Tenant’s unit during the Tenant’s absence, Tenant shall give management permission and provide the name of person or company entering.

6. Any visitors in or out of the apartment shall be guided and permitted by the associated tenants.

7. The use or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvent or other combustibles in the unit is prohibited.

8. The use of charcoal barbecues is prohibited unless consent is obtained from the Manager.

9. No personal belongings, including bicycles, play equipment or other items may be placed in the hall, stairways or about the building. Children on the premises must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

10. Candles may not be burned in bedrooms, Candles used in common areas must be attended at all times.

Maintenance, repairs and alterations

1. Tenant shall advise management or receptionist, in writing, of any items required repairing (dripping faucet, light switches, etc.). Notification should be immediate in an emergency or for normal problems within business hours. Repair requests should be made as soon as defect is noted.

2. Service requests should not be made to maintenance people or other such personnel.

3. Costs of repair or clearance of stoppages in waste pipes or drains, water pipes or plumbing fixtures caused by Tenant’s negligence or improper usage are the responsibility of Tenant. Payment for corrective action must be paid by Tenant on demand.

4. No alterations or improvements shall be made by Tenant without the consent of the management. Any article attached to the woodwork, walls, floors or ceilings shall be sole responsibility of Tenant. Tenants shall be liable for any repairs necessary during or after residency to restore premises to original condition. Glue or tape shall not be used to affix pictures or decorations.

For all Tenants: Safety and Comfort of living in Ocean Pearl Villa, the undersigned Tenants acknowledge having read and understood the foregoing, and receipt of a duplicate of the original.